Monday, 13 July 2009


Her timing was perfect. After waiting 9 months with much anticipation, Peanut finally decided to arrive on her expected due date of 8Th July.

Laura woke me at just after 7am and advised me she was going to phone the hospital as she thought it was time. After explaining to them her Labour symptoms they advised her to come in and so we packed the car and headed off to the maternity ward.

By 8am Laura was in the delivery room and so we settled down for what we thought would be a long, and for her , painful day.
The pain was certainly there but just under 6 hours later, Peanut arrived safely.

She weighed in at 8.7 pounds.

Shortly after she was dressed and placed in a cot, we were suddenly brought back to reality as Laura suddenly began to hemorrhage quite badly. The room then filled with 8 people all working away on Laura, making pin cushions out of her arms with injections and various drips and drugs being introduced intravenously into the back of both her hands.

After a little while the Doctors managed to settle Laura down and peace once again returned to our room. Thankfully Laura soon recovered herself and we once again settled down with our new Daughter to see through the rest of the day.

Lilian Rose aka peanut

Laura had to spend a few days in hospital while they made sure she was fully recovered and eventually we made our way back to Lady Elgar and home.

Our neighbour Lydia made sure our return was aptly marked.

Time seems to have flown by in the couple of days we have been at home and we've had to get used to the shortage of sleep and total attention that Lilian needs but we are both very proud and grateful for this gift we have been given


VallyP said...

And I'm proud to be the first blogger to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And WELCOME TO THE WORLD PEANUT!!!

Do you think she can hear me from here? I love it that I have sort of been able to follow Lilian Rose's progress from the first, and of course, she will be Peanut forever now, won't she?

What a cutie, and what proud looking parents you both are. Once again, congratulations to you all. A great day for Saltysplash and co.

PS love the balloons on your beautiful boat!

VallyP said...

By the way, I see you have a drain rcover right next to the Lady Elgar. Is that where your waste water etc goes? And do you have a water connection there too? I think I can see an electricity box further up, but I was wondering how you get water and how you get rid of it!

Debbie said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your new little crew member, she looks gorgeous!

Debbie Nb Tickety Boo.

saltysplash said...

Thanks folks
Val, thats not a drain cover, its a step to aid getting on and off.
We are connected to shore power 24/7 and have a water tap close by which we fill the tank once a week with a hose, depending on washing machine use of course. The grey water, such as sink and shower goes direct into the canal while out toilet is the cassette style which requires a trip to the boatyard every few days to empty the cassette into an approved disposal site

Neil Corbett said...

We have been awaiting the "official" announcement with bated breath. Glad to see you are all in the pink- great pics. Congrats again and hope to see you when Herbie gets home in about a fortnight.

Neil & Kath

Simon said...

gorgeous - very happy for all three of you. ;-) looking forward to meeting Lilian in person...

Kath Corbett said...

Aaahh! How lovely (Lilian and Laura, not you Geoff - oh well, perhaps you a little bit) Can't wait to have a cuddle. Glad the drama was short lived, and that Laura gained a couple of days in hospital before the rigours of home.

VallyP said...

Thanks for the explanation Geoff. Sounds as if your set up there is much the same as ours.

I hope Nora and Lilian are both doing well, and that Nora has recovered from the haemorrhaging (eek, hope I've spelt that right..I never can sort out all the r's and h's!). May you have long sleep spells and short feeds during the night ;-)