Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The above pics show the saloon in its original plan and the top one shows the Boatmans stove and drop down table.

In my plans Im going to try and keep the artwork from the table but no idea yet how its going to work out.

Ive now got 5 days off and work will begin on stripping the backcabin ready for the all goes downhill from here

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Retro fit

When we first bought Lady Elgar the saloon was open plan, with a book shelf/sideboard along one side, a fixing for a removable table on the other side and 2 single leather reclining chairs for the crew.

Within 3 months of being in board, the chairs, which were Ikea jobs and very very comfey decided to give up the ghost after their 15 year life on board LE.

Our choice of replacement was a metal framed futon style sofa bed, the main reason being it was handy for when my daughter and grandaughter visited to be able to have a decent sized bed for them all to plonk themselves down on.

The downside for us was the ammount of space the sofa/bed swallowed up.

So, With the impending arrival of Salty Jnr we today decided to go retro and return to two single reclining chairs. The space now available in the saloon is fantastic, ideal for a small baby type person known as Peanut to be able to mess around and faff to his or her hearts content.

The next job on the list is......which cabin is going to be the nursery?
Last week we spent a couple of hours in Mothercare pricing up items and choosing bits and bobs that we need.
We have two choices. Our cabin is placed centrally in the boat and is a cross bed which we put up and take down each night, but gives us 6'2 x 6' bed space in which to slob about on, assisted by a tv/dvd/free sat telly for those cold winter nights.
Now, our only other cabin is the traditional boatmans cabin at the very stern of the boat. this is complete with Trad boatmans stove and table, however, we never use the thing except for taking off our coats in winter and hanging space for washing.

So, do we convert the Boatmans Cabin into a nursery and leave our centre cabin in tact, or do we convert both cabins, the back for self and Swmbo leaving the centre cabin free as a nursery......Ill post some pics to give a general idea.

ps peanut is now the size of an orange but will remain forever peanut to his/her parents