Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Of Mice and Men

The best laid plans etc.

My dream, once I retired from the force was always to sail Emblem round Europe in particular visiting Norway and the Baltic, I thought it was a very good Best Laid Plan, but, My Best Laid Plan went Awry when I met Laura.

So we joined forces and my Best Laid Plan was to retire and then we would cruise the canals of England. My best Laid Plan went Awry when we were blessed with the arrival of Lilian.

My Best Laid Plan was to bring our family up on our narrow boat enjoying our lifestyle and all it had to offer. My best Laid Plan went Awry when we met AMY.

Amy is a 55' x 10'6" barge, She is brand new, spacious, and waiting for us to move aboard.
I think it finally hit home that we were short of space when I had tripped over one of Lilian's chairs for the forth time in one day, and of course, staying in the caravan in Morecambe showed just how much space can be available if the set up is right.

Lady Elgar was my ideal Narrowboat. She was all I ever wanted in a canal boat. A traditional stern, engine room, top spec fit out from a craftsman, a well designed and attractive hull/shell and a boat to be proud of. She has served us well for these last 2 years and it is with some regret that she is now up for sale.

It is with no regret that by Friday, Amy will be our new home.
So, wide beam cruising here we come.
I haven't told laura yet but I aim to take her as far north on the Grand Union as possible, that should be just short of Birmingham before we meet Narrow locks.

Blisworth and Braunston tunnels will be interesting as I understand wide beam boats are supposed to arrange passage with British Waterways so they can make sure no other boats come the opposite way while you are navigating the 14' wide tunnel.
I have never seen a wide beam north of Milton Keynes and according to the guide book, The Grand Union ceases being a wide canal north of Berkhamstead. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Dare I even say the words....My Best Laid Plan is...............

Will post some pics as soon as we have the green light